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Intimate Wedding Films

Rather than an elopement (which is just you and your partner) an intimate wedding includes a small guest list of your closest people. These are the non-negotiable family and friends who you just can't imagine getting married without. When you choose to include people who respect your boundaries and support your desire to craft an experience that's just right for you two, you'll find it's possible to have the adventurous, intentional, free spirit of an elopement in a slightly larger package!


Will you snowshoe on a frozen lake, hike by headlamp to vows surrounded by alpenglow, stand at 12,000 feet and cheer into the wind, or watch rainbows appear after a summer rainstorm?
COuple Hikes to Lake Isabelle to Elope
Bride in Rocky Mountain National Park

Maybe you’re looking for a remote ranch enveloped in the smell of sun-warmed pine, where the landscape is dotted with granite boulders. Or an open field with mountain peaks in the distance. 

What about a beautiful lake with a wide, accessible path surrounded by wildflowers? Colorado has so much natural beauty to offer, and I’m stoked that it’s my office all year long. And especially stoked that YOU CAN GET MARRIED HERE.



I support your decision to take the path less traveled. Now that you've decided to include only your favorite humans, you need someone to capture your memories who respects the experience you want to have. 

Because you want it to be about you two. (But it would be nice to have an extra set of hands to bustle your dress or pin your boutonniere). Because you want someone who is truly stoked to be out there with you on your wedding day. (Who feels passionately about not interfering in important moments). 

While I may offer guidance, videos are sooo much better when they’re not posed. The more comfortable you are around me, the better the video will be. Video is about the voices, the landscapes, and most importantly: the moments. 


 I've witnessed hundreds of vows and cheered on each and every couple with equal joy. Past clients say I'm kind, calm, and committed to providing the best possible experience. In the end, I want your film to be a true representation of you and the day you put so much energy into planning.

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