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Eloping is about being true to yourself and focusing on what matters most. Every elopement looks different, but they all involve two people making a commitment to one another in a meaningful and intentional ceremony.


Wedding Gown on Pine FOrest Trail
Eloping Couple Hikes in Indian Peaks Wilderness
You want a day of intention. You're more comfortable being vulnerable when it's just you and your person. You want to begin the next chapter of your lives on an incredible adventure.
Eloping is about being in alignment with what makes the pair of you happy, and creating a safe space to make an incredible commitment. It's saying 'no, thank you' to external pressures and expectations - even from people who love you - and focusing instead on the memories you can make when you let go of what a wedding 'should' look like.  
Eloping is about creating a memory together. Whether you're revisiting the place you first met or hiking a new trail at dawn, whether you bring your dog, hire a private chef, or light a unity joint at sunset, the goal is to start your newlywed adventure in a way that is perfect and authentic for you.


This is about who you are, individually and as partners. This is about your commitment. This is about designing your perfect day. Let’s frickin’ do this.

Couple Eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park

But first, prices.

Details, details. 

What video costs

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Meet your film crew.

JK, it's just me!

I'm Dylan Crossley and

I want to film your elopement.

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