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Ceremony Films

One of the great things about Colorado is that you can self-solemnize. Meaning? You don’t need a venue, an officiant, or a single witness to your marriage license. You can declare YOURSELVES married, and it’s valid because you say it is.

It all sounds great until you realize you aren't quite sure what to say. How do you structure your ceremony? What will you say in your vows? When do you share your first kiss?

Below is a collection of ceremony films, from two-person elopements in the wilderness to intimate weddings with a flower girl and an officiant... and lots in between.

They are meant to inspire you, to show you the way, and to prepare you to design your own script that will take you over the threshold to bring officially married!
Loveland Pass Elopement Ceremony
Mountaintop Elopement Ceremony
Boulder Sunset Elopement Ceremony
Palmer Lake Elopement Ceremony
Boulder Elopement Ceremony
Sprague Lake Elopement Ceremony


Elopement at Sunset in Rocky Mountain National Park
Eloping Couple in Pendleton Blanket in Rocky Mountain National Park
When my husband and I first got engaged, we realized right away that we had different ideas. I wanted to elope and he wanted a big traditional wedding. We ended up choosing the best of both worlds. 
We said our vows on a mountain pass, and celebrated 10 months later with a wedding reception for 110 guests. Over the years this has became quite common, and I frequently find couples looking for a video to show during their post-elopement celebration with family and friends. Whether you plan to celebrate back home with your loved ones, or if it's just for you two to remember this significant day, you will never regret inviting a videographer to document your epic day.
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